Geometry Light Brown


This stunning maxi hijab is a perfect addition to your 'back to school' wardrobe. The light brown colour compliments the fun and funky circular pattern in this hijab. The ends of the scarf are printed with medium and small circles in a orange, beige and light blue shade while the middle of the hijab has a pattern of mini circles and lines - giving this hijab a mathematical feel! Add this hijab to your look and it'll equal out great! (maths puns intended!) 

The material is super soft, making it perfect to style and drape. It's also very light to wear and provides ample of coverage - perfect for pinning.

Great for Work, School and Everyday wear


HiJAB DEVA: This hijab looks great when worn with black

Material: 100% Viscose

Main colours: Light Brown with Orange, Black and Light Blue

Measurement: 172cm x 107cm



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