Earl Grey Ombre


This gorgeous ombre maxi hijab is a great addition to your wardrobe. The subtle yet noticeable paisley print appears at the ends of the hijab while the colour of this scarf transitions effortlessly between three gorgeous shades. This hijab begins with a deep shade of navy blue then slowly changes to black, then to a light blue. Not only does this scarf look stunning - with the mix of colours, this hijab will look different each time you wear it.   

Made from a soft fabric, this hijab is light and easy to wear. It drapes well and provides ample of coverage. 

Great for Work and Everyday wear


HiJAB DEVA: This hijab looks great when worn with dark denim

Material: 100% Viscose

Main colours: Navy Blue, Black and Light Blue

Measurement: 172cm x 107cm



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