Cherry Blossom Hijab Pin Set

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This gorgeous set of 4 gold plated hijab pins is made using high quality Japanese crystals. Each crystal shines beautifully as the gold glitter within glistens. These pins are light weight and easy to wear. The pins are sharp enough to go through multiple layers of fabric without damaging the material and are perfect for adding a little sparkle to your hijab.

Each hijab pin comes with a pin cap and the set is gift wrapped in a Hijab Deva box - making this pin set an ideal gift to give to a loved one.


HiJAB DEVA: These hijab pins are perfect when wanting something stuble. They're great for everyday use.

Average Bead size: 2cm

Pin size: 3 inches

Stone: Japanese crystals 

Colours in this set: Green, Baby Pink, Blue and Brown

Pin caps: Included


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